2016-10-06 12:56:40 LxAO2WmzsiAL "but Helen just wants to find the blwik-and-ahcte "answer", because she's not a lawyer and doesn't understand the issues. And the kicker is that the Important Doctor doesn't even know how much she doesn't know."Not every human thought or idea must be parsed by attorneys. Helen's view was well expressed and entirely within the realm of reason and logic. If you notice, she doesn't limit comments on this blog to those with whom she agrees -- or to lawyers.Peter G. Miller
2016-10-06 12:42:11 semF3A9xdA mmmm skämma bort sig själv bör man. Jag är här i GÃo¶betrg till den 19 augusti ... och hoppas träffa dig innan jag reser...
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